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以色列理工大学地下水研究所所长Alex Furman教授来校讲学

课程名称:Groundwater Hydraulics and Transport

Teaching staff
Teacher: Alex Furman (afurman@technion.ac.il)
Teaching assistant: Shany Ben Moshe (shany.ben@campus.technion.ac.il)
The course does not follow a single text. However, much of the content exists in classic books such as [Bear, J., Hydraulics of groundwater, 1979], [Freeze and Cherry, Groundwater, 1979], [Fetter, C.W., Contaminant hydrogeology, 1992].
Course content
Please note: this timetable is only a tentative and the time we will actually devote for each topic may vary, according to interest and to student familiarity with the content. Also note, the first week will be composed only of lectures, and the second week will include a mixture of lectures (L) and tutorials (T), including for materials studied during the first week.

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